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to the wonderful world of Concierge Medicine

We conceived the most elevated experience where you get what we call OHealth Total Access.

Total Access to advanced testing, tailored nutrition, stress management, age management, hormone optimization, as well as valet service for all aspects related to your health, from prescription refills to immediate attention with no prior appointment.

Total access does not end there.

Welcome to the OHealth world of total access,


Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive Physical Exam Advanced Wellness Blood Panel Anti-aging hormone testing Electrocardiogram

OHealth nutritional consult

Custom Ultrasound Screenings

Biometrics Assessment

VasoScan state-of-the-art cardiovascular screening Comprehensive Hormone Panel

Micronutrient Testing


Get full access to all our programs

I personally developed different wellness programs using my whole body, mind and soul approach for long-term health.

I firmly believe food is medicine. I also feel mindfulness and self love are essential to optimal health.

You will be granted total access to our wealth of tools. Journaling techniques, meditations, nutrition systems that include menus recipes, exercise guides, relaxation tips and more. We are ever growing and adding valuable tools everyday.

Valet Service

Personalized attention

No wait time

Insurance concerns

Text Prescription Refills

Dedicated wellness team

Monthly Tele-Consult

Optimal health requires close attention

Nutritional follow-up

General well-being answers

This is your monthly one-on-one time with me.

These tele-consults are instrumental in keeping you on course. This dedicated time together will be transformative and following your wellness blueprint will be a breeze.

Wellness Tools

Full access to our wellness tools



OHealth Journal Exercise videos

Shopping guides Wellness wisdom videos

Welcome to the OHealth world of total access

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