Laughter, the best medicine? ABSOLUTELY

Time and again we have heard: laughter is the best medicine. Did you know it is actually true?

Researchers around the globe have studied its effects and found laughter brings wonderful benefits to our health.

Not only mental, but physical changes happen in the body with a good laugh. It reduces tension, as circulation increases and muscles relax. Laughter dissolves the physical symptoms of stress our bodies tend to hold on to. Just let it go and laugh!

Laughter helps optimize the hormones in the endocrine system, mainly lowering cortisol and epinephrine. So, when you laugh you lower your blood pressure and heart rate, easing the work load on your heart. Laughter helps to harmonize your stress hormones and when cortisol is balanced it helps you to lose weight!

Laughter also releases happy hormones. It is one of the best tools to change your body chemistry. Endorphins are the same chemical released when exercising. Laughter leaves you feeling happy and full of positive energy. Feeling happy makes it easier to think positive thoughts and this has a powerful beneficial ripple effect on your ability to heal optimally. It elevates the mood of all there is around you as well. The positive ripple effect of laughter is endless. Go ahead try thinking negatively while you are laughing or even smiling… I dare ya!

Laughter’s benefits are not only short term. Its long-term effects includ boosting your overall mood, fighting depression and diminishing anxiety. It is also great for relieving pain. Next time you are in pain, don’t shake it off , LAUGH it off!!! Science has proven it works. Laughter increases the release of natural pain killers. Laughing also bolsters your immune system while shutting down your stress hormones. Science has proven it increases illness fighting antibodies and activates the bodies protective cells including T-cells and natural killer cells. Isn’t this amazing? Laughter can help fight off a cold as well as other more serious illnesses! Laughter optimizes your healing powers!

My OHealth Tip:

Take laughter very seriously. Find ways to add laughter throughout your day. Share funny tales with your friends,watch a funny movie, or listen to clips from your favorite stand-up comedian. I have a hilarious friend I call on as needed. I just give her a call and say “please make me laugh”. Very important, you are allowed to laugh at yourself, not only will it lighten the situation, you will be optimizing your health.

To your Ohealth,

Dr. T