We built our VIP Senior Care around prevention.

At OHealth our seniors are family. We treat them with the special care they need and respect they deserve. Delivering regular physicals and directing visits to specialists, we maintain a watchful eye on the individual progress and health of each of our patients to ensure that they receive the quality of care that they need.

At OHealth you can expect “personal attention at all times.”

Preventative Care

We believe Healthy Living is the best medicine and prevention is the best form of care.

Unlike any other program our VIP Senior Program has a whole body, mind and soul approach giving you all the tools to stay healthy longer. We have combined traditional medical care with proven prevention methods as well as nutrition, exercise and mindfulness to help you live life to the fullest.

Our videos and digital tools give you full access any time at the convenience of your home. Learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals, get a work out in bed or meditate any time. Our OHealth Wellness tools are there anytime.

Chronic Disease Management Program

Designed to help improve the quality of life of our chronically ill patients. Our goal is disease prevention, and reduction of the effects of these illnesses through comprehensive and integrated care.

This program helps patients with illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease and provides access to resources and education to help them live with and manage their illness.

If you have a chronic illness, or multiple illnesses for which you take more than one medication, you can benefit from this program. We work with your together with the specialists to offer a holistic approach to your healthcare. The program creates a Health Alert Blueprint which integrates your care and alerts you to the tests and procedures you need to stay healthy, reducing the risk of complications from your illness and disease prevention.


Our VIPSenior program includes a dedicated assistant

We know how complicated referrals, authorizations and all matters related navigating the healthcare system can be. At OHealth we have a dedicated assistant to guide you and answer all your questions.

Preventative Care With a Personal Touch

No rushed visits, at OHealth you matter




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